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DefenderShield Story - How did we get here?

How Did We Get Here?

A few years ago, my sons were visiting my wife and me over the holidays. As many employees are doing nowadays, they were working remotely for their jobs, typing away with their laptops in their laps for hours at a time. I still remember it like yesterday when my wife said to my boys, “That can’t be good for you! I want grandchildren one day!” What she said immediately caught my attention and something clicked in my mind. Now, my wife had no science or medical background, but her intuition told her that whatever “radiating stuff” that was coming from the bottom of the laptops probably wasn’t going to help her sons have children any time soon. And she was right. From my engineering background at Bell Labs and AT&T, I knew that all electrical equipment and electronic devices emit “low levels” of radiation called electromagnetic radiation (EMR), also referred to as electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

So, I started to research and found that there was an extensive amount of evidence showing that radiation emissions from laptops, cell phones, and other devices had negative biological effects on humans. Actually, there was a lot more out there than I thought there would be. As an engineer, I know about materials and processes to block radiation emissions from electronics. So naturally, I figured a product had to exist that my sons could use under their laptops to shield the radiation emissions. I searched and searched online, but to my surprise, I could not find anything that completely blocked the radiation.

In fact, it didn’t seem like anyone really understood what the issue was or what they were doing. You see, almost all modern electronic devices like laptops, tablets, and cell phones emit two kinds of EMF radiation: extremely low frequency (ELF) and radio frequency (RF) radiation. If you truly want to protect yourself, you must completely block both these types of radiation. From what I could find in a small set of existing products, only one type of radiation emission was blocked (either ELF or RF)—and it was not blocked very effectively, for that matter. For example, products that I found could only block about 75–85 percent of one type of radiation emission. As for the other products out there, almost everything had unsubstantiated claims or used some wacky gobbledygook explanations that had no basis in science.

That’s when I took it upon myself to create a solution. If nothing existed, I was going to fix that. I worked on the problem for a few months, and after a lot of trial and error, I was able create a process to block all forms of EMF radiation emitted from the bottom of a laptop. I began by making shields for my sons and then for some friends and family in the basement of my home. Everyone that used the shields seemed to understand their shielding value, so we decided to find a local manufacturer and created the DefenderPad Laptop Radiation & Heat Shield. Since then, we started DefenderShield, we have expanded our product lines to include EMF-shielding cases for cell phones and tablets, as well as other products.

Being able help people protect themselves from EMF radiation emissions has been incredibly gratifying. We hope you find what you need here and please don’t hesitate at to reach out to us if you have any questions. We are always here to help!

Daniel DeBaun





Daniel T. DeBaun, DefenderShield Co-Founder & CEO