The Effects of Cell Phone Radiation on Children

All electronic devices—laptops, tablets, and cell phones—emit Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Field (RF EMF) radiation, an invisible form of energy which can cause damaging health effects if left uncontrolled. Common sense dictates that this is especially true for...

Radiation from Cell Phones: A Growing Health Concern

Everyone Has a Cell Phone According to the latest Pew Research, cell phone ownership among adults has exceeded 90%. The cell phone has become the most quickly adopted consumer technology in the history of the world. With the advent of smart phones, enabling everything...

IPad Radiation: Ways to Protect Yourself

IPads have become so sought after, that a boy in China once got in trouble for selling his kidney on the black market just so he could get his hands on one. It sounds like a horrible, joke but it’s true. Although this is a really extreme case, it gives an...
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