ConcealShield: Protection from Identity Theft and Digital Pick-Pocketing

ConcealShield Privacy Identity Theft Protection

ConcealShield Privacy Identity Theft ProtectionDo you travel business or pleasure? Ever work or relax at a coffee shop? How about just running errands or attending local events? With all of these activities, at least one thing that is always guaranteed. You will have your cell phone and credit cards with you. And why is this an issue? Because it leaves you open to digital theft.

Old school pick-pocketing may never go away, but even of greater concern today is protecting our personal and financial information from digital pick-pocketing.

Vulnerability of Credit Cards and Cell Phones

Digital pick-pocketing is the ability of hackers to steal your personal and financial information electronically by hacking into your cell phone or stealing you credit card information. An estimated 70% of credit cards will soon be vulnerable to digital pick-pocketing. The cards that are primarily at risk are enabled with RF technology which allows you to “wave and pay.”

Thieves are using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC (Near Field Communication) wireless signals to steal credit card numbers. RFID and NFC readers can be bought online or downloaded to a personal cell phone via an app – making easy access for almost ANYONE to obtain a reader. But exactly how easy is it for a thief to get your information while never actually laying hands on either of your credit cards or cell phone? Standing within six inches (think crowded subway, checkout line, or person near you at the ATM) is all that’s needed for a thief to swipe your data in transaction within a matter of seconds. The criminal can then use an inexpensive machine to replicate your card and sell it on to others. And don’t be too quick to dismiss this by thinking “I don’t use that feature.” Even if you still swipe your credit cards, they are probably coded with RF technology whether you use it or not.

Digital Financial and Identity TheftAlong with data theft, identity theft is one of the most pervasive crimes in modern society. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are more than 16 million reported cases a year in the United States alone. This costs Americans about $25 billion in direct and indirect losses with an average cost of $1,769 a person. One of the easiest ways for criminals to steal personal information is by hacking cell phones. Cell phones of today contain our financial information, personal details, where we have been, who we know, our phone calls, messages and much more. A cell phone is a criminal gold mine.

When you are travelling with you cell phone, you may be at most risk. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while traveling with your cell phone.

Protect Yourself with the ConcealShield® Privacy, Security & EMF Protection Travel Pack

Woman with ConcealShield Privacy, Security & EMF Protection PackOver the past year, DefenderShield has worked tirelessly to tackle the problem of personal security and privacy. The result is the ConcealShield Privacy, Security & EMF Protection Travel Pack. When you’re on the go, and more importantly when you are traveling, we recommend carrying your cell phone, credit cards, and other valuable items on you at all times, stored away in our discrete ConcealShield Travel Pack.

The ConcealShield is a compact travel pouch which incorporates DefenderShield’s industry-leading, EMF shielding technology, capable of completely blocking all incoming and outgoing signals. This means you can place your cell phones, credit cards or any other trackable items into the ConcealShield pouch making them undetectable, total invisible to the outside world.

Below are some highlights of the ConcealShield Privacy Pouch.

ConcealShield security privacy packConcealShield Features Pouch

  • Intrusion-proof, 360° EMF shielding completely blocks 100% all incoming and outgoing wireless transmissions, including RFID, NFC, Mobile, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth.
  • Anti-theft technology helps secure data of trackable items like cell phones, credit cards and passports.
  • Helps thwart hacking, snooping and tracing to maintain privacy.
  • Protects from EMF radiation to minimize health risks.

In this day and age of repeated computer hacks, rampant identity theft and mass surveillance, protecting our security and privacy is not a suggestion, but a requirement. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable. Learn more about the ConcealShield.

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