FAQs – Cell Phone EMF Radiation

Cell Phone EMF Radiation Emissions

Radiation is generated by the cell phone in all directions; bottom, top, sides, front and back with the most radiation emitted from where the Radio Frequency (RF) transmitters are located.

Yes, cell phones emit Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and direct exposure to these emissions can be a health risk. There are two types of EMF radiation emitted from cell phones: Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation and Radio Frequency (RF) radiation (which includes cellular signals, WiFi and Bluetooth). More and more, particularly in recent years, scientific studies have confirmed that these EMF exposure can adversely modify the biological operations of the body. In more serious cases, exposure to EMFs can lead to tumors, reduce sperm count and other serious health concerns.

Cell phone radiation emissions present the greatest potential health risks when directly touching the body, especially the head, breasts and reproductive organs. This is referred to as zero distance to the body. Moving your cell phone away from your body just a few inches reduces the health risks. As a rule of thumb, when a cell phone is moved at least one foot away from the head or body, cell phone radiation is reduced by as much as 80%.

20 years ago computers and telephones were very big and bulky. Computers were placed on the floor and didn’t really move while phone were placed in a stationary base connected by cords and wires. They both emitted Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), but were relatively safe, because they were used a safe distance away from the body.

Today, the computer and phone have merged into one device that fits in the palm of your hand. A smartphone is essentially a small computer, yet has many times the computing power of traditional computers. There are no cords to connect you to a base. When turned on in your pocket or being used against your head, the cell phone touches some of the most sensitive parts of the body. Although the cell phone produces lower levels of radiation then past computers, they are now used much closer to the body and for longer periods of time, thus creating more health risks than in the past.

As a general rule, we suggest that you keep your phone at least four feet away from your bed when you sleep.

The more you can limit your exposure to EMFs, the better. This goes for tablets and computers as well. 

Distance is one of the greatest forms of protection for EMF radiation emissions. According to basic principles of physics, as distance from a source of EMF radiation increases, intensity of exposure decreases dramatically; in other words, simply putting your phone a few feet away will considerably reduce the amount of EMF radiation reaching your body.

For more information on the ways EMFs affect your sleep and how to minimize the effects, please read this article.