FAQs – DefenderPad Laptop Shield

Using the DefenderPad® Laptop Radiation & Heat Shield

  1. Remove DefenderPad® from packaging.
  2. Place DefenderPad® on your lap with the DefenderPad® logo facing up.
  3. Laptop, tablet or other electronic device may then be placed on top of the DefenderPad®. The DefenderPad® blocks EMF emissions moving in the downward direction from the bottom of the electronic device.
  4. If you are using a laptop or other electronic device directly on your body, always remember to place the DefenderPad® in-between your device and body.

With its patent pending technology, the DefenderPad® blocks the full frequency spectrum of harmful electromagnetic radiation from 0-10 GHz which includes Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and Radio Frequency (RF) emissions while decreasing heat radiation down to near undetectable levels. The DefenderPad® is the only independently tested laptop radiation shield that can make this claim. When using a laptop on you lap, just place the DefenderPad® between your laptop and your lap.

No. When using a DefenderPad® underneath a laptop, EMF radiation emitted from the device does not increase. The laptop emissions that flow in the downward direction from the laptop are absorbed and dissipated by the shielding materials (not reflected like a mirror).

Yes. The DefenderPad® has been designed to fit PC and Mac® laptops with up to 17 inch displays.


The heat emitted from the bottom of a laptop can reach temperatures as high as 115° Fahrenheit (46.11° Celsius or centigrade). The DefenderPad® allows the heat to flow away from the laptop and prevents all downward air flow from hitting the body. With this kind of proper flow pattern, laptops tend not to overheat while continuing to release potentially dangerous heat levels. In the process of diverting this heat, the DefenderPad® will absorb some portion of the heat and although warm, the heat on the bottom of the DefenderPad® is well within safely limits. This is accomplished with a thermally-resistive surface material on the top of the DefenderPad®.

The DefenderPad® does not haven cooling fans. It provides a clear venting heat path for laptop bottom heat which keeps the laptop operating without overheating and the bottom, a bit cooler. Laptops tend to overheat because there is not a proper path for heat ventilation, intake air vents may be clogged with dust or the laptops no longer operates as designed because of age.

Yes, the DefenderPad® can be used on a desk. The DefenderPad® blocks laptop EMF radiation emissions whether it is placed on a lap, a desktop, table or any other surface. When a laptop is used on a desk or table without a DefenderPad®, the laptop emissions can travel completely through. Most desks and tables do not have the capacity to shield any of the 0-10 GHz spectrum radiation emissions. However, these emissions present less risk to the body because there tends to be a fair distance between the laptop and your lower body. When one foot away for example, the danger to health risks from EMF radiation is significantly reduced.

The DefenderPad® is designed to block EMF emissions from laptop computers or tablets and other electronic devices. Although the surface may be larger than a tablet, tablets rest comfortably on the DefenderPad® top surface. Many customers prefer the larger size as they are better able to rest the device in a comfortable position on their lap while sitting on the couch or in a chair.

The DefenderPad® top surface (the logo side) is a non-slippery, rubbery surface designed to minimize sliding movement of your laptop. Additionally, the top surface of the DefenderPad®  is a thermally-resistive material that provides heat-shielding.

The DefenderPad® is not made to block radiation emissions from a monitor, but if you are one foot away or more from your screen, the health risks are significantly reduced.

Yes. You need to review the information carefully. Some products only block your body from Extremely Low Frequency (ELF), but not Radio Frequency (RF) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), while others shield Radio Frequency, but not Extremely Low Frequency. Some shields conduct heat from the laptop better than others, preventing elevated temperatures from reaching your body.

No. The laptop, tablet or notebook WiFi continues to work as designed and the transmitted signal direction is not altered or blocked in any way. 

The DefenderPad® can be cleaned with most common household cleaners, and/or soap and water.

The DefenderPad® is free of BPA, BPS and other known environmental hazards. It also contains no dangerous compounds or contaminants (e.g. lead).

Both the DefenderPad® and the Laptop Sleeve offer the same level of protection and block up to 100% of RF and ELF emissions. The DefenderPad is the ultimate solution for EMF protection – it’s large, sturdy, and features a non-slip surface. The DefenderPad also blocks 100% of thermal emissions. The Laptop Sleeve is slim and light, great for travel, and offers protection for your device while on the go.

The DefenderPad® conducts, absorbs, and dissipates all potentially harmful EMF radiation emissions.  There is no other way of shielding this broad spectrum range of radiation from electronic devices such as laptops, tablets and cell phones, without utilizing a multi-layer solution. Because the DefenderPad® does not saturate, it is always available for highly efficient shielding.  All emissions are contained and are NOT redirected into the room or toward your body in any way.