FAQs – DefenderShield Tablet/iPad Cases

Using DefenderShield® Tablet Cases

Radiation is generated by a tablet in all directions; back, screen and sides, with the most radiation emitted from the back and top of the tablet where the Radio Frequency (RF) transmitters are located. Exposure to radiation from the screen of a tablet is mitigated by the further distance away from the body. As a rule of thumb, when one foot away from the emitting source the dangers of these emissions are significantly reduced by as much as 80%.

  1. Remove Tablet/iPad Case from packaging, and verify it is the correct size.
  2. Open the front side of case, noticing elastic straps on the inside right of case.
  3. Place all four corners of your Tablet or iPad into the elastic straps. The fit should be secure, holding your device in place.
  4. EMF shielding is in the back side of case.
  5. While using a tablet/iPad in your lap, keep the shielded back cover between your lap and the device.
  6. DefenderShield Universal Tablet Radiation Protection CaseTo prop your tablet on a table or counter top, make sure it is on an even surface. Open the case fully rotating it until it is parallel and against the back side of the tablet case. Bend the bottom of the top section of the case on the first bend until it touches the back of the top section of the case, creating a triangle. Rest the part of the case the tablet is strapped into against the section folded into a triangle.

    Also, another option is to open the case, resting the front flap face down on surface of support (table or counter top). Slightly pull or slide the portion of the case with the tablet strapped in, forward until the bottom fits and rests in the fold of the front flap of the case (the part laying flat on your support surface).

  7. Please keep in mind that if the device is positioned one foot or more away from your body the emissions are reduced by 80%.
  8. Remember to place radiation shielding between the emission source (the tablet) and your body at all times.