Does radiation emit from the screen, keyboard and sides of laptops?

Radiation is generated by a laptop in all directions: bottom, top and sides. Radiation is considered most dangerous when close to the body, particularly in the lap. This is referred to as zero distance to the body. The DefenderPad® shields for this case. Screen and side emissions tend to be much less and the top tends to be the same as the bottom, but less harmful. This is because you are not in direct contact with the emissions for long periods of time. These radiation levels are also considered acceptable, low-rise emissions. As a rule of thumb, if you are one foot away from the source of the emissions, the dangers are negligible. Even moving a laptop a few inches away from the lap begins reducing dangers.

In summary, the most harmful emissions are in the downward direction and the DefenderPad® is designed to shield that direction. Emissions should always be shielded if they are touching the human body.

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Do cell phones emit radiation?


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