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The Truth About EMFs, WiFi, and Radiation and How to Avoid Them!

Healthy Moms Podcast by Wellness MamaWellness MamaKatie Wells, AKA the “Wellness Mama” recently interviewed DefenderShield founder Daniel T. DeBaun on the Health Moms Podcast. According to Katie’s description off the interview “I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate Dan’s balanced, informed approach to this hot topic. He even admits we don’t need to buy a product to take huge steps toward protecting ourselves.

Rather than moving to the woods and hiding under an earthing blanket, Dan reminds us of the best advice for managing EMF exposure: “Simple distance is your best friend.”

Educating ourselves and taking a few steps to reduce exposure within our homes make sense until the science rolls in. It’s my hope this podcast helps us all learn the lingo and feel confident the next time this controversial topic comes up. There are simple solutions within our reach.”

In this interview, you will hear:

  • How cell phone, WiFi, and other wireless technology works … in terms we can understand
  • The relationship between your microwave, an X-ray, and your cell phone
  • The impact of EMF radiation on our bodies’ cells
  • Recent “improvements” in the telecommunication field … like 5G … and how they might affect us
  • Whether wired connections (ethernet) are safer than wireless
  • Smart meters: do they represent a risk?
  • Why avoiding cell phone and WiFi use in a car or plane is a good idea
  • A afe distance to live from a cell tower
  • How an EMF shield works
  • What a faraday cage is and other far-out EMF solutions for the very sensitive
  • Practical strategies for protecting our kids from EMFs … (and the most effective doesn’t require buying a thing!)
  • And much more…

Enjoy the show!



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Katie Wells, the “Wellness Mama” Bio

Katie, the “Wellness Mama” is a wife and mom of six, as well as an award-winning blogger, author, podcaster and real food crusader. Her mission with WellnessMama.com is to provide simple answers for healthier families through practical tips, real food recipes, natural beauty and cleaning tutorials, natural remedies and more. As a mom of six, Katie has developed systems and tips for living a Wellness Lifestyle™ with a family and on a budget and she was recently named by greatist.com as one of the 100 most influential people in health and wellness along with Dr. Oz, Dr. Mercola, Food Babe and Tim Ferriss. She writes at WellnessMama.com and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest.

Daniel’s Bio

Daniel is a leader in shielding electronic emissions and protecting our bodies from potentially harmful EMF radiation. He’s spent his career as a technical expert in telecommunications, and now is highly focused on the Electromagnetic Radiation exposure from electronic devices. Daniel serves as CEO of DefenderShield, a health and wellness technology company that has created the most effective EMF protection solutions ever developed.

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