Why Protect Yourself from Laptop Radiation?

Woman under a tree using a laptop.

Basic safety precautions are advised to avoid the harmful effects of laptop radiation.You wouldn’t stick your head in a microwave, so why would you use a laptop right in your lap? Because it called a “lap” top right!? Despite the name, did you know that laptops were not originally designed to be used in the lap? The first laptop actually weighed 24 pounds and was created to be used on a desk. Laptops were first designed in 1979 for convenience and portability — not necessarily safety. Safety, in fact, has become an afterthought.

Laptop Radiation

Laptop Radiation Protection has become an afterthought. People forget that laptops are electronic devices that can give off harmful forms of laptop radiation. All electronic devices generate Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). EMFs are simply emissions created when electricity is used to power devices.  When users are exposed to these emissions, they can be at different levels within two types of radiation: Microwave referred to as Radio Frequency (RF), and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF). These types of radiation are often in very close proximity to bare skin and other very sensitive parts of the body. With prolonged exposure, these forms of radiation are known to cause harmful effects to humans. You may say to yourself “But, it’s not 1979 – surely laptop safety has improved?” Unlike the pharmaceutical industry, laptops are not considered medical devices and therefore are NOT subject to the same rigorous safety testing regulation as drugs are or medical devices.

In the United States, industry is expected to conduct its own studies and adhere to very basic FCC safety standards that do not include EMF emission requirements. That’s like asking a car salesman to tell you what is wrong with the brakes. While laptops have made leaps and bounds in convenience and portability, the investigation of and improvement towards their improved emission safety has largely been neglected. Long-term effects have gone unstudied, because only in recent years are laptops light enough to carry on the lap. In fact, current research reveals that spending long hours with a laptop in your lap can cause many health concerns.

According to the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), the values of laptop radiation exposure  are considerably higher than those recommended by the Swedish Board for Technical Accreditation and the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees. The exposure levels from laptops on bare skin are considered a risk for tumor development. That is pretty disturbing. However, tumor growth is not the only danger that can occur from laptop radiation exposure. Researchers have also published evidence that exposure to a wireless internet connected laptop significantly decreases sperm motility and increases DNA fragmentation from just four hours of exposure. The root cause was attributed to Electromagnetic Radiation generated during the use of wireless devices, similar to the use of cell phones near the body. According to another study, pregnant women and their fetus are also subject to risk of adverse health effects such as developmental defects from laptop radiation.

Protecting Yourself

While the US lags behind in legislation, other countries have started paying notice and issuing guidelines about laptop safety. The Australian government recommends no more than 2 hours a day on a computer as a safety limit for children.The British government urges pregnant women not to use computers in the workplace due to risk of radiation exposure for the developing fetus. The German government advised its public to avoid using WiFi because of the possible health risks it poses. WiFi routers emit electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range even when they are not being used. Perhaps, it would be wise to consider the global trend. Laptop radiation is the same as a microwave, yet only at a lesser strength. So why take unnecessary risks?

Research is just beginning to illuminate what common sense dictates. Electricity is what the body’s cells use to communicate. Subjecting your cells to outside influences in the form of outside EMFs can be disruptive, and more specifically, laptop radiation can cause serious health problems. Don’t take chances if you don’t have to. You can easily protect yourself through common sense instead of waiting for research to catch up. Put some space between yourself and your laptop, or consider and EMF shield between your body and electronic device. A barrier that blocks the laptop radiation. If that is not an option, try not to use your laptop in your lap for long periods of time. They, despite the name, aren’t meant for that purpose.

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