Created to support future leaders and world-changers, the DefenderShield Scholarship program is an opportunity for U.S. college undergraduate and graduate students to earn $1,000 towards the tuition cost of the college they will (or currently) attend.

All majors can apply and are encouraged study and learning across all disciplines.

Who We Are

Based in the United States, DefenderShield® is team of passionate engineers, technology innovators, and health experts. Our mission is to share our knowledge of EMF radiation health issues, while providing the most effective EMF shielding solutions possible.

Through years of research, DefenderShield® has created the most effective electronic device EMF radiation shielding technology ever developed. Backed by FCC-certified (Federal Communications Commission) lab testing, DefenderShield® technology is the first and only EMF radiation shielding capable of completely blocking up to 100% of EMF radiation from mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and cell phones.

DefenderShield Scholarship

***To be eligible to participate, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 17 years old
  • United States citizen
  • Is currently or plan to attend a four-year college or university for an undergraduate or graduate program
  • Part-time or full-time undergraduate or graduate student
  • Cumulative high school, undergraduate, or graduate school Grade Point Average (GPA) requirement of 3.0 or greater


To be considered for the DefenderShield Scholarship, you must address the following topic in an essay:

Issue Background:

Although modern technology including cell phones, tablets, and laptops have revolutionized our ability to communicate, innovate, and work, there has been an increasing concern for the constant exposure to the Electromagnetic Fields, or EMF radiation, emitted by these devices. Studies have found links between EMF exposure and health-related issues ranging from headaches and skin rashes to very serious concerns such as fertility problems, DNA fragmentation, cell damage and cancer. It appears that the very same modern technologies that provide convenience and productivity in our everyday lives is also harming our health.

Children and unborn children are even more susceptible to the effects of EMF emissions than adults because their developing bodies are different than adults’ on a physical, chemical, and biological level. This is evident in the fact that if an adult holds a cell phone up to their head, the Radiofrequency (RF) radiation, reaches up to two inches into the skull, while this same signal signal goes completely through a child’s head. High EMF exposure in children have been linked to Autism, ADHD, headaches, and other neurological disorders. The effects of these exposures can be cumulative and will span their lifetime at rates never seen by today’s adults or previous generations.

Essay Subject

Speak to this evolving issue and suggest potential helpful solutions. This can include any or all of the following subjects:

  • Public education
  • Stricter government regulations
  • Steps average person can take to limit their exposure to EMF radiation

Essay Requirements:

  • 750 – 1500 words; please note the word count at the end of the essay
  • Proper citations and bibliography must be included (not to be included in total word count)
  • Only one essay submission per student
  • Submit your essay in PDF format to Include a cover letter with your full name email address and phone number, also in PDF format.
  • Submissions in languages other than English will not be accepted

Scholarship Deadline

  • This scholarship is offered during both Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Submissions must be received by July 30th (Fall semester submissions).
  • Email your submission to

Winner Selection Process

  • One scholarship recipient will be selected to receive the scholarship per semester.
  • The scholarship recipient will be notified by February 15th (Spring semester) and August 15th (Fall semester).

Essay evaluation will be based on many factors, including:

  • Thorough evidence-based research into the topic
  • Compelling argument
  • Well-written and well-organized essay
  • Academic Merit

Selection is based on sole discretion of DefenderShield®. We reserve the right to modify or change any scholarship amount or value at any time.

  • We will contact you via phone or email for the processing of the scholarship award.
  • Scholarship recipient has 10 business days to reply back to us before an alternate scholarship recipient is selected.
  • Scholarship recipient must provide proof of university/college attendance.
  • A $1,000 check will be mailed to the college or university’s Financial Aid Department for the winning student’s account immediately after being officially declared the scholarship recipient by DefenderShield®.
  • We may use the scholarship recipient’s  name and essay in promotional material related to our company in the press, on our website, and/or social media channels.
  • We reserve the right to post non-scholarship recipient essays on our website.

Your submission includes this consent.