EMF Protection Devices: The Straight Facts of EMFs on your Health

EMF Protection

EMF ProtectionPublic concern grows in waves and recedes suddenly, only to be replaced by some other mass fear. This is true over EMF radiation emitted from cell phones where a few years ago it was a non-issue but today, there is public alarm.

Don’t wait for the next wave of hysteria about EMF radiation and learn the facts on the importance of protecting yourself.

What is an EMF?

EMF stands for “electromagnetic field.” So far, the topic is innocent enough. An EMF is a force field around an object, created by an electric charge. This electric charge, a combination of electricity and magnetism, affects the behaviour of objects within its field.

Devices emitting EMFs include laptop computers, tablets, and cell phones. However, the term EMF is quite broad: EMFs are then divided into two types: non-ionizing (like microwaves and radio waves) and ionizing (like x-rays, ultraviolet light, and gamma rays). Exposure to non-ionizing is considered unhealthy by many experts, but the ionizing type are extremely unsafe—which explains why you wear EMF protection, like a lead vest at the dentist when they take an x-ray of your teeth.

EMFs and Your Health

The main concern over EMFs is whether or not they are harmful to humans. Carcinogenic, reproductive, and neurological side-effects are what make the issue worrying, since our society depends so much on electronic devices. Taking preventative action against the potential harm of EMFs is a smart move; and it’s a platform on which many companies are developing new safeguards.

Better Safe Than Sorry: Use an EMF Shield

EMF protection works best in the form of a shield, or a barrier. These shields absorb, conduct or even deflect the EMF radiation away from your body, therefore preventing contact. There are plenty of retailers online that sell EMF protection products, such as computer monitor screens, TV, or laptop shields. Other products are for smaller devices, like cell phones. Then there are products that are worn over your clothes, such as aprons, face and eye-shields. Some companies have even developed EMF shielding paints and bed canopies.

EMF protection in the retailing world also includes detection devices that assess work or home environments for unsafe levels of EMF presence. These include EMF meters that detect electronic, magnetic, and Radio Frequency fields. All of these devices are geared towards informing you about your surroundings and for bodily protection.

There are also a few tips on how to decrease your exposure to EMF radiation. First, keep your electronic devices a safe distance away from you (at least a foot away). Second, limit your time spent on electronic devices. Third, use some sort of EMF protection, such as laptop shields or monitor screens. Limit the exposure to EMFs and you limit the potential health effects.

EMF protection is a growing wave in public forums — don’t wait until it is a mass concern. The best way to deal with EMFs is not by throwing away your laptop computers, tablets and cell phones; but, rather, taking preventive measures.

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