Why Use DefenderShield?

The Problem with Today’s Technology

So much information is at our fingertips with today’s mobile technologies. But along with this convenience comes potential dangers in the form of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation.

In the past, computers were big and definitely did not fit on our laps. Cell phones came in a carrying case with a headset. While these larger devices also emitted EMFs, they were placed much farther away from our bodies and used for far less amounts of time, which kept us safer from potential health concerns.

Today, compact mobile electronic devices are often used directly against our bodies for most of the day and even during the night. This puts us in direct contact with chronic levels of EMFs, like Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation, and Radio Frequency (RF) radiation like 5G and WiFi.

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How Serious is EMF Exposure?

More and more, scientific studies are showing that health risks exist from this type of radiation. While the energy levels emitting from our devices are low, having it so close to our body for such a long time can affect our cell health, resilience, and can eventually disrupt entire processes in our body.

EMF radiation has been shown to lead to sleep problems, skin problems, fertility problems, oxidative stress and DNA fragmentation, which can lead to a host of behavioral and neurological issues, as well as cancerous tumors.

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What is DefenderShield®?

Typical cell phone cases and lap desks or cooling trays do not shield you from EMFs. Pillows and throw blankets don’t help either.

Our founder, Daniel DeBaun, a former telecom engineer, invented functional protection from these devices for his sons and his family, and for everyone who uses mobile technology.

DefenderShield® uses a range of scientifically-tested shielding materials that can conduct, absorb, and dissipate up to 99.9% of EMF emissions from 0-90 GHz, including the entire 5G spectrum. No other mobile device shielding in the world blocks frequencies up to 90 GHz.

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5 Reasons Why DefenderShield® Is The Best Choice


DefenderShield Technology

1) Industry-Leading Technology

DefenderShield® is the worldwide leader because we offer the most complete and effective EMF protection available for all types of devices, based on scientific engineering.

Our product lines incorporate a range of scientifically-tested shielding materials that can block up to 99% of EMF radiation frequencies from 0-90 GHz, including the entire 5th Generation spectrum. No other mobile device shielding in the world blocks frequencies up to 90 GHz.

DefenderShield EMF Radiation Protection Universal Phone Case

2) Scientifically Tested

Highly advanced, lab tested technology merged with cutting-edge construction create modern solutions that deliver the ultimate protection. We offer superior, full EMF protection choices using the most advanced technology.

DefenderShield iPad Radiation Shield and Tablet Computer EMF Protection Case

3) Quality Craftsmanship

All DefenderShield® products are designed in the USA and developed using the highest quality materials to offer durable, highly effective shielding that lasts. Our team members leverage their direct technology expertise to improve quality while continually investigating improvements. We are proud to offer unparalleled shielding at an affordable price.

DefenderShield Laptop Computer EMF Protection Case

4) Comfortable and Ultra-Portable

DefenderShield® cases are the perfect size to use at home or on-the-go. Light and slim profiles slip into pockets, purses, bags, briefcases and backpacks for effortless portability. Your lap, legs, head as well as other parts of your body will be shielded in a way that no other device can deliver, all while ensuring you can still use your device freely.

DefenderShield EMF Protection Mother & Daughter

5) Peace of Mind

You can feel secure knowing that DefenderShield® helps minimize the health risks of direct exposure to EMF radiation, including 5G frequencies and heat emissions. Just by placing DefenderShield® between your device and your body, you have protection that no other shielding product can deliver.

The Bottom Line

DefenderShield® is the world leader in EMF shielding and protection. Our products guard against mobile device radiation that can have an effect on your body. You can have peace of mind knowing you are safe and shielded with DefenderShield® solutions.

Stay Protected, While Connected with DefenderShield®.

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