Is Your Wifi Making You Older? – Stuff Your Doctor Should Know Podcast w/ Kitty Martone

Stuff Your Doctor Should Know with Healthy Gut Girl - Catalina Martone

Last Updated on April 15, 2020

Stuff Your Doctor Should Know with Healthy Gut Girl - Catalina Martone Podcast Interview – Is Your Wifi Making You Older with Kitty Martone

Kitty Martone, also known as Healthy Gut Girl, sits down for a second time with DefenderShield CEO Daniel DeBaun, on her podcast ‘Stuff Your Doctor Should Know‘.

Kitty is a holistic health educator and investigative health journalist. She has a background as a nutritional consultant and chef, working alongside nutritional giants such as Dr. Robert Marshall and author Donna Gates. Kitty is the creator of The Total Gut Makeover, Author of “The Gut Health Diet for Beginners” & “The 4-Week Gut Health Plan” and host of a podcast. She regularly posts blogs on her website about holistic health and how to improve digestion and gut wellness.

Daniel DeBaun is one of the world’s leading experts on electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation effects on the human body. As a former telecommunications engineer, Daniel has extensive knowledge in EMF frequencies emitting from electronic devices, and the best ways to protect your body from them. Daniel and his son Ryan, who co-founded DefenderShield, wrote Radiation Nation: Complete Guide to EMF Protection & Safety to further inform and help protect people from exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Listen to Dan and Kitty on the Stuff Your Doctor Should Know Podcast! 

Topics Covered:

  • [8:00] Introductions
  • [9:00] 5G: What it is and what it is not
  • [16:25] Cost benefits of 5G
  • [17:15] How 5G got approved: the ‘fox in the hen house’
  • [21:00] Daniel’s projections for 5G uses, 5G small cells
  • [22:20] How to tell if a cell tower is dangerous
  • [25:00] Concentration of Use with 5G and 5G routers
  • [26:00] Screen time and Blue Light
  • [33:00] Gut health, bio-rhythms, and full-body wellness
  • [36:00] Constant load of EMF at schools
  • [38:00] What is the most aging to our bodies, and the fragility of our DNA
  • [40:50] EMF impacts on the cell
  • [45:12] Brain injuries and Air Pods
  • [47:00] Women, Pregnancy, and EMF radiation
  • [50:00] Wearable technology and tracking biometrics
  • [54:45] DefenderShield New Products and other ways (and myths) to block EMFs
  • [1:04:24] EMF radiation as a trigger for health conditions

Enjoy the show!




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