Expert: WiFi in Classrooms as Dangerous as Microwave Weapons

WiFi Radiation in Our Classrooms

WiFi Radiation in Our Classrooms

There continues to be controversy about the use of WiFi in classrooms. To add to the confusion, over the past year or so, we are learning that WiFi transmitters emit Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) similar to the microwave radiation used in the design of microwave weaponry. Barrie Trower, a British physicist and microwave weapons expert has been sharing his experiences on the subject to audiences considering WiFi radiation in classrooms.

When connected to these potential dangers, keep your distance from the source, such as your WiFi router. When using your laptop computer, iPad, tablet or other handheld device in your lap, be sure to use a radiation shield. Protecting yourself using a WiFi radiation shield from devices at zero distance from the body will eliminate the worst dangers the WiFi transmitter can deliver.

Background on Barrie Trower and WiFi

British Physicist and Microwave Weapons Expert Barrie Trower
British physicist Barrie Trower

With most of the career with the Royal British Navy and military intelligence, Barrie Trower dedicated much of his career in the study of the effect of microwave energy on the human body. He recently came out of retirement to share his experiences about WiFi in part, because he strongly understands that microwave radiation and WiFi radiation are very similar. Both are health risks to humans and not harmless as others may claim.

In various interviews and presentations, Mr. Trower delivers a common theme – WiFi radiation in classrooms is dangerous. He says that WiFi signals are equal to those used in microwave weapons and that they are threats to humans, particularly the elderly and children. When it comes to children and WiFi, Mr. Trower says, “children are physiologically and neurologically immature. It takes years for the blood-brain barrier to form, leaving children more prone to cell-leakage from microwave radiation.” When visiting children in schools, he notes that WiFi radiation exposure is causing health problems that include, nausea, headaches and vision problems. He further says, “Children have less dense bones, immature immune systems and, by virtue of their size, they can act as aerials. Females have more complex hormone based systems to be disrupted than males.”

Microwave Weapons

In another example, Trower says, “I was previously aware of reports concerning dead birds in and around communication bases. On examination these birds were found to be cooked.” He was referring to powerful microwave communications having the capacity to oscillate cells sufficiently as to cook the birds alive. Additionally, he points out that Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) can give us headaches, disrupt our sleep, open us up to infection and create fatigue. He goes on to say that, in high concentrations and over large durations of time, it has been documented that these radiations can cause cancers, like leukemia.

What Does All This Mean?

Laptops, tablets, and other handheld devices connected to the internet via WiFi, can either rest on a desktop or a child’s lap emitting Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). Elsewhere within a building, there are access points and routers, also transmitting Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). When directly near the router transmitters, children are exposed to the strongest signal the equipment can emit. Even moving only a few feet away, exposure dangers quickly diminish. As a good rule of thumb, at four foot away, exposure levels and associated health dangers are greatly reduced.

Mr. Trower believes all exposure is dangerous, but sometimes you may find it important to be connected to the internet via a WiFi connection. Maybe you are traveling, or maybe your university offers WiFi, or maybe you just have a WiFi router you use at home. In many ways, WiFi radiation is impossible to avoid. The most intense exposure is when you electronic device is at zero distance away from the body. For these conditions, use should use some sort of EMF protection. Putting an EMF shield between you and the device removes the worst of the exposure danger.


WiFi in our classrooms is considered as dangerous as military microwave weaponry by some. At the very least, we should be aware of the potential dangers and find ways to protect our children. Keep your distance from radiating sources or use an EMF shield when using laptop computers, tablets, cell phones, or other electronic devices that contain WiFi transmitters.





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