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Daniel T. DeBaun
Engineer, Co-Founder and CEO

Daniel is an internationally recognized and influential expert in shielding electronic emissions and Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) protection, with a particular focus on the effect of exposure from mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and cell phones. Daniel’s concern regarding the health impact of electronic radiation emissions grew from over 30 years of engineering experience in the telecommunications industry, where he held a variety of leadership and executive positions at Bell Labs, AT&T, SAIC and Telcordia.

Through the course of his career, Daniel has created requirements for large telecommunication systems, led technical divisions responsible for establishing industry standards and formed analysis adherence testing for next-generation digital transmission systems. Daniel also oversaw laboratories which analyzed electromagnetic radiation (EMF) interference, electrical signals and digital formats. He and the teams he led were looked upon as industry authorities.

Daniel is the inventor of DefenderShield®, the most effective EMF radiation protection technology for mobile devices ever developed. In addition to his work with DefenderShield®, Daniel is a highly regarded author, industry consultant, writer, and speaker as well as a frequent guest on national radio and television programs discussing EMF health issues.

Daniel is co-author of the bestselling book, Radiation Nation: The Fallout of Modern Technology, the complete guide to EMF radiation safety and protection.

Daniel’s DefenderShield® Product Picks: DefenderPad Laptop Shield, Versa Readers Blue Light Blocking Glasses, EMF Protection Tablet Case

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Ryan DeBaun
Co-Founder and COO

Ryan is a proven innovator specializing in creative development and communications. As co-founder of DefenderShield®, he leads operations and strategy, leveraging his unique and vast experience across all aspects of business, media and technology,

Throughout his career, Ryan has held many roles including manager, producer, creative director, designer, and writer for many of the largest media companies in the world including HBO, CNBC, Cox, CBS, and ABC.

With a passion for health and wellness, Ryan is considered an industry leader, educating worldwide communities about EMF and its potential health issues, while driving the development of the most effective shielding solutions ever produced.

Ryan is co-author of Radiation Nation: The Fallout of Modern Technology, the complete guide to EMF radiation safety and protection.

Ryan’s DefenderShield® Product Picks: EMF Protection Laptop Sleeve, Signature Blue Light Blocking Glasses, EMF-Free Air Tube Earbuds


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