Do Cell Phones Emit Radiation that is Actually Harmful?

Do cell phones emit radiation?
Do cell phones emit radiation?
Many cell phone users are becoming concerned about cell phone radiation.

There is growing concern among health officials regarding the health hazards posed by EMF radiation from cell phones and its effect on the human body.

EMF radiation is known to pose a high risk to human health, and has been linked to various health issues, including cancer, infertility, sleep disorders, and developmental problems, to name a few.

With modern society not only using cell phones on a daily basis, but very often for a large part of the average day, one has to ask:

Do cell phones emit radiation, and if so, is this kind of radiation dangerous to our health?

The answer is Yes

Do Cell Phones Emit Radiation?

Most cell phones today are so-called “Smart” phones. Smartphones are great as they are extremely versatile, and due to their portability, allow the user to basically have a pocket-sized computer on their person wherever they are.

Smartphones can be used to access the internet, send emails, access social networks, and chat with friends via text, mms, or to talk person to person over the phone line.

They can also be used to take photos on the go, or to download books, music, videos, games and an unlimited range of applications to make life simpler or less dreary.

This versatility not only makes them extremely popular in recent years, they also get used far more than a phone that is, well, not so smart.

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All cell phones, as well as smart phones to a greater degree, give off forms of non-ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) called Radio Frequency (RF) radiation and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation.

Radio Frequency (RF) radiation consists of the cell signal, Bluetooth and WiFi while Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation is generated by phone’s hardware. This radiation is absorbed into the body, usually through body tissue situated at or near where the cell phone is held.

The degree of exposure will depend on several factors, including: the type of cell phone being used, how far the user is from the cell phone’s antenna, how much time is spent on the cell phone and how far the user is from cell towers.

Because smartphone users are likely to use their smartphones more extensively, and also carry these devices with them at all times, it stands to reason that cell phone radiation may pose potential health issues.

Is Non-Ionizing Cell Phone Radiation Harmful?

Although not as harmful as ionizing radiation (X-rays etc.), studies have shown that non-ionizing EMF radiation, such as that emitted by cell phones, can cause insomnia, decreased bone density in the pelvis, infertility in men, and can affect brain activity.

On top of that, based on evidence of the association between RF radiation and cancer, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) recently classified RF radiation as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

Finally, because children have thinner skulls and their brains are still developing, they are even more vulnerable to EMF radiation than adults, yet these days many kids use a cell phone on a regular basis.

How to Reduce Your Exposure to Radiation From Cell Phones

So, to answer the question: Do cell phones emit radiation that is harmful?

The short answer is: Yes they do. If you are concerned about radiation from your cell phone there are three& steps you can take to reduce your exposure and therefore your risk:

  1. Create some distance between you and your phone when possible. Set your phone to airplane mode when not in use, as this cuts off wireless transmissions and radiation.
  2. Limit the time you use your phone and when you do, use a hands-free kit or use speakerphone when you make calls.
  3. Invest in a cell phone radiation shield to protect yourself from EMF radiation when you are actively using your device.

Using these simple steps can help protect from potentially harmful radiation while using your cell phone on a daily basis.

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