Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Kids Series

$37.49 $29.99

DefenderShield® Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses block harmful blue light to help reduce the negative health effects of computer and mobile device screens.

Our superior quality lenses filter either 50% or 99% of blue light that can cause digital eye strain, premature eye-aging, and interfere with sleep. Our Kids Glasses also come with silicone ear hooks that can customize the frame’s earpieces for a non-slip fit!

Perfect for: Use while e-learning, playing video games, reading e-books, watching movies & entertainment, nighttime-use, use indoors with bright artificial lighting.

Features at a Glance:

  • Flexible fun-colored frames come with silicone ear hook attachments that can be adjusted for a customized fit
  • Yellow lenses filter 50% of blue light from digital screens (daytime use)
  • Orange lenses filter 99% of blue light from digital screens (nighttime use)

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