Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) Basics – Why Care?

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Child using a cell phoneEverywhere you look, there are electronic devices emitting Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF). Computers, laptops, cell phones, tablets and WiFi networks all emit forms of EMR. They are in our homes, schools, workplaces, cafés, and public areas. The list goes on and on. And, they are only growing in popularity.

As of January 2015:

  • 91% of internet users own a PC/Laptop
  • 80% of internet users own a smartphone
  • 47% of internet users own a tablet computer

Electronic devices are not only growing in popularity, they are growing in usage. According to a Nielsen survey, the average American spends 11+ hours a day with electronic media. A huge percentage of life time is spent watching TV or listening to the radio. With the average amount of sleep a normal person must have around 7.5-9 hours, we spend approximately 67% of our waking hours wired.

Infographic: Americans Use Electronic Media 11+ Hours A Day | Statista

Despite the amount of time they spend using them, the average American knows surprisingly little about electronics devices, how they work or what current research even says on the matter. Scientists are still busy conducting long-term studies to improve our knowledge which is now going mainstream. One thing is becoming clearer, the Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) also known as Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) can be a potential danger to your health. In fact, the World Health Organization established an International Electromagnetic Fields Project in 1996 to assess the scientific evidence for possible adverse health effects from EMFs and this work continues to this day.

Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum

Figure 2. From left to right, you have lower energy to higher energy waves. The lower energy is denoted by a less wavy line. The higher energy is denoted by a more wavy line. Ionizing radiation is typically associated with DNA damage. However, more evidence is coming to light that indicates non-ionizing radiation emitted from electronic devices may also impact human health.

Research is indicating that all may not be well. There are health concerns with regard to how electronic devices affect humans. By virtue of the way they work, electronic devices emit forms of radiation which can have a profound body impact. Some types of radiation can adversely influence the biology of the cells, modifying their behavior. Radiation known as “thermal radiation” has the ability of heating up our cells. And finally, our bodies use electricity within to properly function and external signals from electronic devices can interrupt or confuse living tissue. That’s why it is important to educate yourself about electronic device emissions with up-to-date information and make informed decision on how we use these devices that surround us every day.

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