How Electronics Create Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF)

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Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF)It’s hard to imagine a world without electronics. We carry around our laptops, tablets and cell phones. We surf the web, watch TV or Netflix, and listen to satellite radio and Pandora in the background.

Electronics are everywhere, yet people know little about how they work. Knowing how it works is important in understanding why the radiation they emit may be harmful.

Electronics & Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF)

Electronics all fundamentally work the same way. They use an electric current passing through a circuit to perform a function. Electricity is an energy which must be harnessed to make it do what we want it to do. The electronic circuit is the basic unit through which electricity is transmitted. Scientists and engineers developed various ways to harness the power of electricity for humanity.

Electronic devices offer computing functions, phone calls, internet connections, light up panels, and so many more capabilities. As a by-product of these functions operating, an electric current is generated that flows within and between components creating Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). These fields are also known as Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF).

Electronic devices also communicate outside the device, transmitting communication signals from your device to other devices so you can talk to a friend on a phone or maybe connect to the internet with your WiFi. These signals are called Radio Frequency (RF) signals and can also be referred to as Microwave (MW) signals. RF signals can be transmitted at many different frequencies and power levels. A cell phone signal, for example can travel several miles while a WiFi signal stays below 100 feet. These varying distance capabilities require the electronics to generate differing power levels in order to accommodate the distances.

So, you have Electromagnetic Radiation coming from all sorts of electronics. Electromagnetic Radiation is a form of energy that can cause changes in the space surrounding electronic devices. While not visible, Electromagnetic Radiation can alter the environment and you. It can impact your cells and have negative health effects on your health. Although common, it may not be safe.

What Does an Electromagnetic Field Look Like?

Electromagnetic Field Animation

As a result of electrons moving, electricity is generated in one direction and magnetism in another. This force is one of the few phenomenons in nature that powers all things. What you will see is energy moving in two directions. You will have energy of the electricity moving on an x-axis and on the perpendicular, at a 90 degree angle; you will have a magnetic field that is generated alongside it.